When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start? How Do I Deal With Them?

If you have been a pregnant woman once in your life or someone very close to a pregnant woman, you would know that pregnancy tends to make your body crave for a lot of stuff and you have little to no control over it. You might feel like eating a large Sundae ice cream in the middle of the night or you might suddenly start hating your favorite pastries.

Pregnancy cravings are normal and nothing to worry about, you just need to pay extra consideration when your craving starts. Although it is not clear why do pregnant woman get such cravings, you can still blame it on the rapidly changing hormones which make you so desperate to have a particular food item.

So when does the pregnancy cravings start?

There is no rule here really. It has been noticed that the cravings start from the first semester and tend to increase in the second semester but by the third semester, it has cooled down a bit. This is a general timeline and in no way fixed.

Some women might get a craving for a few days only and some might crave for a nachos every day for the entire pregnancy period. The point is it is not a forever thing and you won’t always be attracted to weird food combinations, it will stop after a while and once you have given the birth to your baby, you will not even remember why did you really like that food combination and won’t feel any inclination to try it again.

There are a lot of types of food cravings, nothing to be worried about. You might feel like having a chocolate flavored ice cream every day or you might feel like have chicken wings with your ice cream. Most food cravings are just funny and tend to pass soon enough so don’t overthink it, just enjoy the moment.

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How to deal with the cravings?

While giving in to cravings is not all that bad, you have to keep in mind to follow a healthy diet and avoid your unhealthy cravings. That is easier said than done but you can follow a few steps to avert yourself from the less beneficial cravings:

  1. Distract yourself

The best way to not give in to your unhealthy cravings would be by keeping yourself distracted whenever you feel the oncoming of it. You can do this by immersing yourself in office work or reading a good book or making a blanket or clothing item for your coming baby. Just utilize your time well and don’t give yourself a lot of idle time. Start doing new hobbies like singing and for that you need a best karaoke machine.

  1. Eat in small dosage

You can make sure that the cravings don’t affect your body tremendously by giving in a little once in a while. Have the food which you craved in small quantities which won’t particularly affect your baby’s health and will also satisfy your cravings.

  1. Substitute unhealthy cravings

You might have a lot of cravings when pregnant so if you have an unhealthy craving, you can simply substitute with another healthy food which you happen to crave equally.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

Make sure you eat healthy food items and maintain a proper diet (click here to see a healthy diet during pregnancy). This way you would always be full of important nutrients and vitamins and a few cravings won’t harm your fetal’s or your health at all.

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